Get Happy, Dammit

Staying Inspired and Motivated in an Often-Unhappy World

About the Book

If you’re tired of just trudging through another day, if you’re looking for more from life than the daily grind, if you’re seeking ways to get out of that rut or helping someone else get out, this book is for you. Get Happy, Dammit provides a pathway to greater happiness by helping readers build inspiration and motivation, two elements that can lead to a more fulfilling life.

"I didn't write this book because I take happiness lightly or because I think getting happier is easy by any means," says author Katherine Gotthardt, M.Ed. "I wrote it because I wanted to share what has helped me gain inspiration and motivation. If I can encourage someone else to get happy, then this book has been worth writing."

Each short chapter provides simple, proven exercises that allow readers to develop skills like mindfulness, time management, reframing, critical thinking, goal setting and more, all designed to boost inspiration and motivation. "These are exercises I used in the classroom and in life," Gotthardt, a former educator, says. "I've had many mentors and advisors over the years, and they have all contributed to my ability to write this book."

Creatives, teachers and coaches especially will discover or rediscover new ways to approach problems that plague us all and get in the way of progress. Individuals committed to improving their lives will find a DIY manual for enjoying a higher quality of life.

Proceeds benefit mental health initiatives through the Trillium Center, David J. Cobb Foundation and Rise Phoenix Rise, Inc.

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John Dutton, Award-Winning Writer and Educator

Katherine Gotthardt is a spark plug in a world of sluggish engines. She tells you how to thrive in a fast-paced world where there is no time for yourself. This book is a must for teachers and parents!

Jorge de Villasante, M.Ed.

This book provides a profound look at motivation, as well as staying positive through life's ups and downs. As a teacher, I found Katherine Gotthardt's book enlightening and something I can use in the classroom.

Nonfiction Authors Association Book Awards Program

Get Happy, Dammit by Katherine M. Gotthardt tackles the daily battle of trying to stay positive in a negative world. Insightful and personal, the book is divided into small sections that make it convenient to read a little in each sitting, while also providing ample time for its powerful messages to penetrate. The style takes the unusual format of writing each chapter as if it were a personal letter to the reader. This approach is fresh -- very friendly and kind, and a departure from many other self-help books that oftentimes have more of a scholarly than helpful tone. A lovely book!

Nancy Wyatt, MHt, TNLP, Author

This philosophical and practical book explores how to find inspiration and motivation by answering the questions what, why, and how in an eclectic mix of narration, exercises and poems. Like a gnome plumbing the book's conversational tone for gems, I found motivation in the exercises and inspiration in the poetry. You CAN learn to get happy, Dammit!

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