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Evening Haiku

hook of the moon dangling over a star bait of brighter light -Katherine Gotthardt


Today, in the battlefield's forest, Manassas gave us gifts: a stream for our dog to swim in, a wooden bridge for us to cross, a path for hikers and horses. Through trees reached the arms of the sun, resting its hands on the back of our necks. Not even a hint of soldiers or Civil …

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Crave is a five letter word, same as power. The world knows no peace. -Katherine Gotthardt Praying for peace.


by Katherine Gotthardt over the exit pedestrians on a bridge crossing with pigeons

Four Haiku from Twitter Writing Prompts

Four more Haiku forms from writing prompts on Twitter. The first three were written with Ukraine in mind. Praying for peace in a time of war. March wind, abandoned field. This one wide-eyed sunflower. _____________________________ unexpected news amid grim morning headlines finally sunshine _____________________________ ivy vine linking one thin leaf to another bond of greenery …

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Four Short Spring Poems

These are short pieces (mostly forms of Haiku) posted on Twitter. They are based on one-word writing prompts. Inexplicably, the world sees hope in the sky. Spring moon. _____________________________ Passing winter in the corridor, spring bats its fake lashes, winks knowingly. _____________________________ Around the bend, cardinals on a street corner. New Red District. _____________________________ Thunderstorms …

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Quiet defiance of bullying winter. Early daffodil -Katherine Gotthardt


naked day arrives morning without pretense strip of sunshine -Katherine Gotthardt


Wiser at sunrise runaway owlets returning home -Katherine Gotthardt

Sunset’s Craving

Claiming all that passed, sunset craves the day. Silly. Nobody owns poetry. -Katherine Gotthardt Banner art by Andrew Gotthardt
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