Katherine's Coffeehouse

Thoughts, drafts and poetry in progress. Take a sip.


Morning Song

Entering older years, I now understand how my words have become less visible.

Guest Poem: Cleaning the Tea Buckets

The ladies in the senior center craft room Complain about their aging husbands: “He never this …” and “He always that …”

Threads of Poetry – Haiku

Some poems I've posted on Threads. Let's connect there.

Guest Post: How Poetry Can Grow BEYOND Poets

A guest post by Geoff Anderson, Poet and founder of diVERSES Poetry “[T]he trouble with poetry isthat it encourages the writing of more poetry”  -Billy Collins For many poets, the problem that looms larger than writing the poem is finding people to read the poem. Events like the pandemic and Biden’s selection of Amanda Gorman […]

In the Company of Laureates

Join the celebration! I'll be reading new work at the Spilled Ink open mic Saturday, October 7, so be sure to say hello!


In light of darkness nighting the day,


For weeks, you deny you resent me, withdrawing, same as rain, lie holding its breath like heavy August air, you, a drought, and I something else, something like a river, slow drying, abandoned by duckling, white heron, great egret, seeking the usual sustenance from another able body, perhaps the inlet or stream, anything else but […]

Just a LinkedIn Post

The intersection of poetry and my day job.

Early Onset

What I want to do is stop remembering the rainy morning you drove 50 miles to my house to help me find car keys I'd dropped in the trash.

Dear Readers: We are all short on time.

I hate to sound so jaded, but the world we live in, the world that demands so much of our time, is not complete reality, is it? At least it’s not for those who think beyond the constant barrage of emails and phone calls and schedules and drivel that passes for life. And yet we […]
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