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Speaking to Specters

by Katherine Gotthardt Through your ageless eyes, I understand your replies to what you most fear: trembling from the tip of the fuse to the cannon's opening, the rip in the air of civil war, tear in the veil that lies: 'there is but one truth.' You can never know for sure where the dying …

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Midday Walk

By Katherine Gotthardt It's long overdue, this reflecting, turning the outside in, examining what everything means.

Poems that SPARC

I was blessed to visit members of SPARC over the past couple of weeks and write poetry with them. SPARC members are adults who come from all over Northern Virginia to enjoy adaptive activities that enrich their lives just as they enrich the lives of everyone around them. We used two poems that appear in …

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Such a tragedy, spider with a missing leg, scaling walls army ants have fallen from,


What is it you're not seeing when you're only looking up?


Love sometimes requires retreating, backing up, reversing the pace that brought us into spaces where nothing was ever comfortable, no memory or seat we could share, no reserve preserved for those worst hours,

Ruler of RAM

Haiku by Diedra Horne Being the ruler of ram Bleeds from my soul Makes my walk elites Thanks to guest poet and technologist Diedra Horne who took part in the haiku writing workshop I facilitated for HOPE Project D.C. Learn more about HOPE Project here.


Stop. Stop and write the ending first, the outcome of all that is significant:


Artisan of life, she breaks out her loom and yarn. Memory weaver. -Katherine Gotthardt
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