Katherine's Coffeehouse

Easter Morning

Easter – door open, inviting in the sun, we are weeding your new front lawn,


It’s the connotation that matters: Something feasible turns preferable,


Protest poem by Katherine M. Gotthardt


Sometimes, when spring yawns, its slow, honeysuckle breath warming my face, I think to myself, “What a wonderful world.”

For My Husband

All love is an afterthought, an ideal that whispers “remember me,” carrying us, wildflowers in a basket, petals falling, lighting on the edge of gravel. Funny how the road boasted victory. I just remember the windlessness, the still miracle that carried us gently, setting us down with purpose. There we waited for the next rain, …

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To cure my dog of her errant ways, I bought a vibrating collar, clipped it around the fat of her neck, popped the tether’s hook into the ring, took her out for a spin. See, she’s the type that goes for the throat, fellow canine or random kid, it doesn’t matter. Introduce her to a …

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This is how I remember you, white apron speckled with red sauce, spectacles on the end of your nose, eyes rolling heavenward while you stifled a mutter, “Sweet baby Jesus, will you ever stop?” That I didn’t showed us both something: I was not to be trusted. Not with dirty pots I’d stuck to the …

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