Bury Me Under a Lilac

About the Book

A poetic journey from birth through passing, Bury Me Under a Lilac leaves death not proud, but steeped in the beauty of transformation, a natural movement to the next phase of personal and spiritual evolution.

This is Katherine Gotthardt's fifth book in which vivid metaphor, powerful imagery and artistic structure liberate free verse from the expected, while keeping the poems grounded and accessible.

Gotthardt says that’s where beliefs about death become important.

No matter what you believe, you’re better off sorting this kind of thing out fairly soon in life. Don’t spend your whole life in denial, hiding from the inevitable. Face it, analyze it, come to terms with it, and then get on with celebrating the everyday miracles that are too often overlooked.

Garrett Carlson

Katherine has an incredible ability to harness and expose the emotions that all of us might be too afraid to share. She's soon going to be everyone's next favorite poet.

Timothy Horn

Anything worthwhile leaves a beginning impression that increases with time. In this book, you realize as you progress you find different periods being examined and a greater picture emerges from their totality. The poems are deceptively simple in structure but the ideas covered are complex and interesting.

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