Katherine Gotthardt New Book

New Book Coming

It’s hard to believe only last year Bury My Under a Lilac was released, and I’m already ready to release another poetry collection. But when you write for a year at least once per week and you take the time to go back and edit, it might be time to think about publishing – again. So I am, and after considering options, I decided to use Prince William Living’s publishing and production arm, Rebecca Barnes Media. Since I work with Prince William Living, I know the people who will be working on my book and pushing some of the media out, so I know the results will be top notch. That’s a plug for them, but it’s also the truth. I don’t have the skills to do half of what is required to publish a high-quality book in print or in e-format. So I need the pros. There will be more to the story as the book comes together, but I suspect it will be out in May of this year. Yikes. That’s next month! Stay tuned.

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