Apocalypse No

I’m not cut out for the apocalypse.
I’m not built for Armageddon.
Sure I’ve got the bulk
to survive a random famine,
or float around the flood zone,
but really, I’m just not the type to die.

See, I still believe in possibility,
in potential, in humanity. Stupidity
on my part? Wishful thinking?
I think not.

I grew up around
adversity, loud voices and anger.
It does something to you.
You shake a fist at the world,
flip it the bird, or take a breath
and scream, “Stop it!”

Then you can come up with solutions
no one listens to. And the fighting
continues. You look around,
perplexed. It makes no sense,
even after all these years.

Stop it. Why won’t they just
stop it?


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