Work in Progress

If I charged
what I was worth,
the world would be poor.

That’s not a brag.
That’s everyone.

Look around.
Look and say with certainty,
“I see the gold
of El Dorado.”

It never was a myth.

There…there is potential.
There…there is talent.
There…there is honesty.
There…there is the one
I thought I lost long ago,
the friend, the lesson,
the soft hair of a little girl.

There is the marble
my grandfather gave me,
there is the quiche
my mother made me,
there is the lick in the face
my grinning dog offered,
and there is the door
you held for me.

Say it.
“There…there is love.
I see it now. Everywhere.”

Say it.

Now you’re worth
even more.

For Terri Aufmuth Stevens


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