Poetry about shopping, Amazon Prime addiction

Amazon Prime

I should go to bed,
bury my ear and head
in a pillow of sweet
smelling sheets and sleep,
maybe Egyptian cotton,
or something on sale
I bought off #AmazonPrime.

Because, see, I spend
so much time online,
I start to see things like #promos
and #discounts and #coupons
as #BigData puppies tugging
at the toe of my sock,
irresistible with their whiskers
and giggling brown eyes.
They know I’ll give in.
I’m a sucker like that.

I should go to bed.
But instead, I’m online,
looking at purple headbands
and butterfly decals,
sucking in Amazon Prime again.

#Dumbass. It’s past midnight.
Exhale and hit the sack.
And for God’s sake,
close that account.


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